Journal of Progress


I suppose it’s due time to put something up on this page.

DYDit: (did-it) Did You Do it.  I along with a friend are working to bring you a go-to website for all your DIY needs.  We are currently working in Berkeley, California, USA.  I’ll refrain from giving out the exact address in case someone doesn’t like me or my writing.  I’ll also refrain from giving out my associate’s name because he wouldn’t like that, would you Daniel?

On this page I’ll be keeping you updated with our progress.  For example, today I was trying to cook pasta and burnt the water.  Important stuff like that.

If you have any questions regarding our project, us, or Swedish ice cream flavors, feel free to contact us!  Aside from burning water, at this point we’re not overwhelmed by too terribly much work.

I don’t really like this little blurb of writing so I’ll probably be changing it in a bit.


We have our first networking event this evening at 7 PM.  An event hosted by WeWork in San Francisco.  Currently we’re working our “elevator pitch.”  Well, I’m pitching it to my associate while while he is cleaning the showers.  I guess it’s more a “shower pitch” than an elevator pitch.  Oh well, they’re essentially the same thing except your naked in one of them.



We’ve been working on a business card that was on a previous post but for the sake of your scroll wheel, I’ll just repost the images here:


card2We’ve purchased a domain for our Beta version website, but haven’t quite got to putting anything on it yet so I’ll keep that domain to myself for now.  Unless you would be absolutely thrilled to see a blank website, in which case by all means contact us.


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