5 Reasons I Wish I had Learned Programming

Why couldn't I be this cool

Why couldn’t I be this cool, sorry, AWESOME

1. All the cool kids are doing it: Everyone who’s anyone is programming these days.  Every time I meet a new fellow student, 7 times out of 10 they’re in some sort of computer related field that I need to ask them to repeat.  It’s just in to be a programmer now.  Not naming any fingers or pointing any names, but I’m not looking forward reliving the day I found out a 20 year old kid shouldn’t be wearing elastic jeans.

You're not alone, Mr. Fluff

You’re not alone, Mr. Fluff

2. At least I can pretend to be smart: Seeing as how there’s an absolute abundance of programmers in this day and age, it seems most conversations I find myself in somehow end up connecting back to computers.  We could be talking about something completely irrelevant, like British wristwatches and somehow we magically start talking about programming, and I end up looking the fool. It would be nice to be involved in a conversation where I have more input than nod, smile, laugh, excuse self to bathroom, hide until people leave.

Roll Diego, Roll, ROLL!

Roll Diego, Roll, ROLL!

3. If all else fails, I can still roll with the punches: If all my big plans and aspirations fall flat, at least there would be programming to fall back on to.  Even though there is a massive surplus of programmers, there is no shortage of jobs simply because new fields pop up every day, new projects, new startups, that require programmers.  So instead of being a starving artist, I can be a meagerly fed programmer.

"Dear Leia, if Vader found out how I feel..."

“Dear Leia, if Vader found out how I feel…”

4. Keep secrets from parents: In its lowest form of use, programming can be used to conceal certain unspoken things from the older generations.  It is, after all, a whole ‘nother language: the language of the present and the language of the future.  So no more footsie with your girlfriend or boyfriend under the dinner table.  Just jive your java lingo baby.


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