DIY Retro Phone Phone Amp


It’s Phoneception! Kipkay thought up of a great way to amplify your music player or phone by using another phone.  This is a simple DIY project that will generally turn out looking (and sounding) quite appealing.

Final Presentation:



  • Old school phone
  • Music player
  • Screwdriver
  • Dremel (w/ cutting blade)


1. Unscrew both ends of the phone (voice piece and receiver)

  • These will most likely be a bit dirty with breath and spit and other goodies so scrub them down; they don’t enhance sound

2. Remove everything inside (make sure you keep the voice piece and the receiver end)

  • You may have to unscrew some wires to get everything out

3. Trace your music player edge around the old phone side.

4. Use a dremel to cut out the area you just traced.

5. The mouthpiece will have sufficient holes for noise enhancement, but you may want to cut out a larger hole on the receiver end.

6. Removing the phone jack from the old phone will leave a hole that you can enlarge for your music player charger.

7. Close up both ends.

Check out the video instructions here.
Credits to KipKay


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