13 Dog Tips From a Fellow Dog Lover

I am a dog lover.  If there were no dogs in this world, I would undoubtedly transmogrify into some form of heartless and unloving thing.  Like a rock or an almond.  I’ve had my current dog, Tasko for 9 years now.  And although he might not be able to get up stairs or get in the car quite like he used to.  I love him anyways.  Here’s a few dog tips that I have stumbled upon, from dog lover to dog lover:

"I farted."

“I farted.”

1. If your dog refuses to brush her teeth: Squeeze some enzymatic toothpaste on a doggy chew toy, or her favorite part of your face to lick.


2. If your dog refuses to take his pills: Be just like Martha Stewart (both the spy and the chef) Hide pills inside your dogs food, or conceal them within these homemade edible pill pockets.

"Don't ask me."

“Don’t ask me.”

3. If your dog pees all over the carpet: Use baking soda to flush it out of the flooring.

  • Pour some baking soda over the spot
  • Let it sit
  • Sweep or vacuum it up


4. If your dog eats too fast: Put a ball in your dog’s food if him eats too fast, it’ll force him to move the ball around to get to the goodies.

"What am I doing with my life?"

“What am I doing with my life?”

5. If your teething puppy is chewing everything in sight: Spray bitter apple spray on everything you don’t want to be destroyed: your cords, your furniture, your kids.


6. If your dog uses too much shampoo: Dilute your dog’s shampoo to make it last longer.  Teach that diva the meaning of hard living.


7. If your carpet has more dog than Persia: Remove pet hair from carpet with a squeegee.


8. If your dog craves icy treats in the summer (they all do): Freeze apple slices in frozen chicken broth using an ice tray.


9. If you can’t tell the difference between your dog’s breath and her butt: Sprinkle parsley on your dog’s food for fresher breath (and possibly butt).


10. If your dog gets thirsty on-the-go: I personally love the feeling of my dog drinking out of my hands, but if you don’t empty a pancake syrup bottle and fill with water for an on-the-go water bottle.


11. If you run out of room for your dog’s food: Use an extra drawer as a storage for dog food.  Make sure you fit a tub or empty trash can in the drawer before you dump all her food in it.  And also make sure she can’t operate drawers.

12. If your dog won’t stay off the couch:

dog couch

13. If you’re lazy*:


*Don’t be lazy; walk your dog


Unless of course your dog is the lazy one, like Tasko:


Credits to Peggy Wang at BuzzFeed


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