Slow Internet? 5 Easy Tricks to Speed Up Your WiFi

There are tons of tips and tricks out there on how to speed up your WiFi connection, but here are some of my favorites.  Primarily because they are not exceedingly labor intensive, and don’t require a good knowledge of what the heck I’m doing.

Hide your router in an empty book cover!

Hide your router in an empty book cover!

1. Find the perfect spot for your router: the router isn’t exactly as visually appealing as a Disco Ball or a Michelangelo, but it is important to keep your router:

  • Out in the open
  • Antennae pointed vertically
  • In an elevated position (possibly the attic)
  • In a central location to have even coverage throughout your home

Check here for a more detailed description of router placement.

I'd sacrifice WiFi for this bad boy though

I’d sacrifice WiFi for this bad boy though

2. Prevent interference from other appliances: A variety of household appliances can interfere with your WiFi signal. These appliances include:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Cordless phones
  • Bluetooth devices

See a more complete list here.

Priority number 1

Priority number 1

3. Control Bandwidth-hogging applications: Have a gamer friend always over?  Have a die-hard Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones fanatic under your roof?  If you really don’t to kick this person out, you can set up a QoS for your router, which basically allows you to prioritize applications so the more important ones (like NetFlix) get their rightful chunk of bandwidth.

Find out how to set up a QoS for your router here.

4. Increase WiFi range with DIY tricks: Check out the Windsurfer tin foil hack (above). You can also use a beer can or even a cooking strainer, find out how at the following links:


5. Automatically reboot your router periodically: Constantly having to reboot your router by hand can be tedious, especially if you put your router in the attic or in your wife’s closet.  You can set your router to automatically reboot by using either a DD-WRT, which will give you blazingly good connection at a price, or just by using an outlet timer.

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