Life-Changing Battery Hack: Can’t Be Unseen

We’ve all seen the fat square 9V batteries lying around the house.  But when your GameBoy runs out of batteries (yes, I still have a GameBoy) and you’re just about the beat the Elite Four (yes, I still play Pokémon) the last thing you want to see is a drawer full of 9V batteries and no AAA batteries.


Prepare for battery-ception because 9V batteries are actually just sets of 6 AAA batteries!  I know, it feels your whole life is a lie, and you’re probably angry and confused.  This is all natural!  But it is something to be embraced rather than scorned.  Follow these steps to get back onto Victory Road and conquer Dragonite once and for all!

Some cheap brands of 9V batteries are made a bit differently though, but if you use main brand batteries like Energizer or Duracell you should be fine.

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