LEGOs: A Better Way to Never Lose Your Keys Again

Looking for a colorful way to keep your keys where you can find them?  Have tons of old LEGO pieces floating around?  If you said “no” to either of these questions, you MUST be lying.  We’ve all felt the panic attack that comes with misplacing a key, and we all also know the pain of stepping on an errant LEGO piece.

So I guess those were rhetorical questions.   Never lose your keys again with this LEGO key holder.  That’s right NEVER!  Follow these simple steps to put together this amazing new establishment in cutting-edge technology:


  1. Find your keys
  2. Check your feet for lodged LEGO pieces
  3. Assemble (its THAT easy)

Just make sure you don’t take apart your child’s favorite Harry Potter castle set without having A LOT of candy somewhere in your closet.

*DYDIt tip: try color coding your keys’ LEGO pieces to help tell them apart!


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