Keep it Old-School-Hip: Turn Your Car Cassette Adapter Into a Bluetooth Receiver

The good old days

The good old days

Remember back when cassettes were the coolest thing since the wheel?  We’re all nostalgic about those days.  Which is why many of us probably have a cassette adapter like the one shown above.

Kipkay found a simple DIY method of turning this cassette into a hip and trendy new Bluetooth transmitter while still retaining the classic touch only the whirring of a cassette can provide for you.  This way you can play good old Elvis and The Beatles without getting your beverages or your graphophone tangled in the wires and still get that mellow old-school feel of your trusty old cassette.

It’s quick and easy and only requires a little soldering skills.  Even I can probably do it!

Credits to Lambert Varias at and


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