6 Trendy Concept Gadgets You KNOW You Want

This past year, my family bought my grandparents a cell phone.  It was a sleek looking Galaxy S2 (I know, those bad boys are already wayyyy outdated) with the newest interfaces and platforms installed.

It was my and my sister’s duty to introduce them to the intricate new world of cell-phone land.  After an elongated hour, we finally managed to teach them how to turn the phone ‘on’ (not ‘off yet,’ we would save that for another lesson).

The next day when we visited, we found that beautiful Galaxy S2 was being used as a plant stand to make sure the orchids grew straight (maybe the next big lifehack?).  To make a long story short: those are still the straightest orchids I’ve ever seen.

These trendy new gadgets are just a reminder that some day I’ll be that old grandfather still attached to the golden ages of rusty laptops and antiquated cell phones.

1. Flexible Tablet: Squeeze it, jump on it, twist it, bend it.  Also sounds like the perfect way to relieve stress.  Or the next Bop-It.


Concept from gadget-ideaz.

2. Seashell iPhone Passive Speakers:  I was just getting acquainted with the sound of the ocean coming from shells.  Now this?!?!

Imagine finding this baby washed up on the beach

Imagine finding this baby washed up on the beach

Product of  WAAM Industries.

3. Velopresso: the coffee shop on wheels: Move over Harley D. there’s a new beast on the road.  Drink your coffee to-go.  Actually, though.

Now your pretty next-door neighbor can't turn down your carpool offer

Now your pretty next-door neighbor can’t turn down your carpool offer

Concept from technabob.com.

4. Electromagnetic Energy Ambient Harvester: For laymen like myself, this device can use the electromagnetic fields emitted by an electronic device and store it as usable energy.  Now they need to find a way to attach this device to me.

Concept from technabob.com.

5. Smart Finger Measuring Device: With this device, “it’s this big” now makes perfect quantifiable sense.



Concept from Yanko Design.

6. Cloud Sofa: The next best alternative to jumping out a plane window. This cloud is held up with a magnetic base, holding the cloud aloft.

Everybody's secret dream

Everybody’s secret dream

Thanks for the read!  I hope you’re as hopeful about these gadgets as I am.

Boy do I feel old.


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