Our Favorite Parenting Hacks: Making Your Life Easier is an Understatement

Little Vince meets his mortal enemy once again, only this time he brought Daddy

Little Vince meets his mortal enemy once again, only this time he brought Daddy

Having a child is indescribably beautiful. Gazing into their dewdrop eyes and feeling the delicate touch of their skin can raise the lips of even the staunchest of hearts. Every day you want to be with them, every minute you want to hold them, every second you want to…


Honey, it’s your turn.

Credits to Peggy Wang at BuzzFeed.com


1. Bathe your child in a laundry basket so their toys don’t flow away: Unless your child is the next Michael Phelps.

Pinkies up

Pinkies up

2. Teach your child to hold juice boxes by the side flaps: Keeps them from squeezing the box and making a Motts-y Mess.

Child Playing on Monkey Bars, Karitane, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

3. If your child has poor handwriting, have them play on the monkeybars: Certain activities can help refine coordination and motor skills, which are connected to handwriting. Unless your child wants to be a doctor.


4. Put sprinkles on EVERYTHING: OK maybe not everything, but perhaps on a healthy smoothie to give it a colorful and fun feel. The moment you say the word “healthy” a child will turn a deaf ear to you.

Check out Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for homemade sprinkles without the artificial dyes and corn syrup!


5. Trace your child’s feet so you don’t have to drag them along to go shoe shopping: Save yourself, your child, and everybody else in the mall a little bit of grief with this one. And give yourself some more time to shop for yourself!


6. Put your kids to work by making their chores a fun game: Try the sweeping square (above) or trash can basketball. If only this would work for your spouse…


7. To stop night coughs, rub vapor rub on your child’s feet and put socks on them: Scientists have no idea why, but according to this article by Fearless Feisty Mama, it’s a definite go-go!


8. If your child is scared of monsters, make monster spray!: Just put water in a spray bottle. To make your child feel extra special, throw some glitter into the bottle as well (it won’t come out but it looks magical floating around the water). Make sure you get in the closet and under the bed!


9. Remember that pool noodle? Cut it up and place it on doors around the house: This prevents your child from slamming doors, getting locked out (or in), and being woken up by a door being slammed.


10. Have your child sit on a stability ball when doing homework or studying: This helps with their concentration. Find out more here!


11. Freeze a pacifier in an ice cube tray with juice, milk, formula, or water to sooth a teething baby’s gums.: It’s strangely effective as a tiny dessert for you as well.


12. Cut a hole in the tip of a pacifier and stick a dropper through it to administer medicine: Try not to use the same pacifier in number 11. Just a thought.


13. Fill a glove with pearled barley or beans, give a few pats with it, and then slip away stealthily into the night.: Don’t you just love fooling your child. Make sure you sew the glove shut so the filling doesn’t slip out and turn into a choking hazard.


14. Put tattoos on your child in case they get lost: A skull and crossbones maybe? Just kidding, these are temporary tattoos made by a company called Totoos.


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