Keep Your Valuables Safe From ANYONE: How to Make a Fake Book Safe

The dustiest places in our house are often the best for hiding a skeleton, and nowadays with eBooks and Kindle and whatnot, it seems the dustiest place of all is in our bookshelves.  Keep your valuables and darkest secrets safe from the most resourceful of adventurers.  For most potent safekeeping, I recommend using a Latin Dictionary, unless of course you live with Indiana Jones.

*DYDit Tip: For all you non-Harry Potter fans who somehow found themselves overwhelmed with the entire series dominating your bookshelf, use them to sort your valuables from smallest to largest in accordance to the book size (1-7 in increasing size).

Here are 10 of the longest novels in the English language. You could probably fit a Klingon battle cruiser in number 1, that is, if you even had one to hide *cough *cough



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