Top Car Hacks: locking your keys inside was never so fun

Our Favorite Car Hacks: locking your keys in was never so fun

Credits to Whitson Gordon, view his blog here

6. Remember Where You Parked

Or perhaps a trail of bread crumbs?

Or perhaps a trail of bread crumbs?

Mobile apps like Park Me Right or Valet make short work of your “lost child in a supermarket” act. Now you can laugh at the pathetic ones who wander aimlessly around the parking lot with the ‘panic’ button held down.

5. Break Into It When You Lose Your Keys

Okay, maybe it’s still no trip to Disney World, but it’s a lot better than wedging your arm into any little crevice you may find, hoping it doesn’t lead inside the engine.  Unless you’re in to that kind of stuff.

4. Avoid Traffic Tickets with the Help of Technology

If you see this in front of you, don't press the accelerator

If you see this in front of you, don’t press the accelerator

We don’t all have the gifts necessary to dodge a speeding ticket. Here’s a GPS hack that warns drivers about upcoming red-light cameras. If you’re in one of the eleven states that has banned hands-free phone conversations, if you get pulled over and you’re feeling extra frisky maybe you can even play it off as singing to your favorite song on the radio (but I wouldn’t recommend it).

3. Save Money On Your Next Car (and Your Commute)



Even someone as clueless about cars as I am can reduce their costs by a little bit of research, spotting hidden fees, and some shrewd haggling with the salesman. If it’s too late and you’ve already bought your new car, you can still save money on your commute by carpooling with your nosy neighbor, using public transit, adjusting your work hours to avoid traffic, or rent a sleigh and snow dogs.

2. Beat the Heat (and Cold)

Japan is known for many things: sushi, culture, innovation; This new trick to cool your car down fast (above) really solidified their already surefire place in history. Another neat trick to prevent the steering wheel from burning your fingerprints off is to turn the steering wheel 180 degrees after parking to keep the top cool.

In the Winter, if your locks freeze over you can fix it quickly by dipping your key in hand sanitizer and trying again. Magic.

1. Protect It From Damage

Sorry kids

Sorry kids

This one is pretty cool: cut a pool noodle in half and attach it to the walls of your garage to prevent damage to your car door. IMPORTANT: make sure the kids know how to swim before doing this.


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