How to Avoid Coat Rack Back, Scourge of All Cardigans

No! Not the Cardigan!

No! Not the Cardigan!

Coat racks are a silently growing threat on this planet to all that is right and just with our finest linens and cashmeres.  They’re like a virus, latching themselves to your back after leaving a stretch mark on your favorite sweater, growing, writhing, twisting, tearing.  But no more! A few easy ways to prevent coat rack back (CRB) are to:

  • Use multiple hooks when hanging up your sweater
  • Try hanging them with the shoulders of your over garment rather than directly in the center.
  • Or if your beloved apparel is made of wrinkle-free material like synthetics or a blended material just rest the entire sweater over the hook instead.

But then again, the loyal Quasimodo look never gets old.


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