Made it… Barely

First night in Berkeley was awesome!  Got myself acquainted with this summer’s living quarters, and check it out: there’s a lemon tree right in front of the house.  You read right, a LEMON tree.  Who could ask for more?  I forgot my pillow so I borrowed my associates for the night (hopefully I can fill this up with posts before he sees this one).  The moment I stepped out of the plane and into the San Francisco International Airport (still not sure what the ‘O’ stands for in SFO), I was utterly astonished with the quality of atmosphere I was now dealing with.  I felt my shoes were too dirty to walk on the pristine floors that must have been power cleaned by Godzilla’s keeper.  Got a little confused with the BART and the Bus system here.  When I arrived it took a while to figure out the BART, which took me directly to downtown Berkeley.  From there I was meant to take a bus up to the apartment, but I figured, why take a bus when you can do it yourself?  So I began walking.  And walking.  And walking.  And taking a break.  And crying.  And walking again.  Until finally I reached an apartment called “Highland Place.”  I should have known not to walk just by the name of this place.  Anyway, to wrap it up: first night was fabulous; everything from the mellow weather, to the affable people exerted itself beyond my expectations.  I look forward to waking up tomorrow.Image


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